Memorandum of Understanding on Continuous Support and Cooperation between the Ministry of Education and NGOs Inked

The Ministry of Education and a Number of active NGOs in Afghanistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding that ensures the continued cooperation and support of the non-government organizations for the Ministry.
In a press conference held on the occasion of signing the MoU, Dr. Assadullah Hanfi Balkhy expressed his appreciation of the aids and financial assistance of the funding institutions to the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan emphasizing on the constructive role and significance of knowledge with respect to the growth and development of societies. 
The Minister of Education said that since the formation of the National Unity Government, the ministry of education has left no stone unturned to bring quantitative and qualitative improvements and progress to the educational system of Afghanistan with the consistent support provided by the international community and friendly countries.
Meanwhile, during their meeting with H. E. Dr. Hanif Balkhy, representatives of several NGOs that provide the ministry of education with cash and in-kind reiterated their continued support and cooperation with the ministry of education in implementing its programs all over the country.
In this respect, the following institutions renewed their pledges for supporting the ministry of education in below-mentioned areas:
1. To establish a conducive environment for getting education, CRS that is an active NGO in Afghanistan is going to build 130 classes equipped with all amenities in Bamiyan, Daikundi, Ghor, and Herat in the coming five years.  The project will cost 4 million and $927 thousand which offers a great learning facility for 3300 students.
2. Another NGO called ‘ Setara-e-Erfan’ is going  pave the road for the literacy and education of 32000 students whose family aren’t able to pay for their education expenses. The said NGO also establishes portable schools for the nomadic people (Koochies) and support schools located in the unsafe areas where security is an ongoing challenge for pupils and their families.
3. JRS and World Vision Institutions have also promised to provide the education sector of the country with means and facilities used in teaching science coursed and conquer-preparation- classes as well as conducting capacity building seminars and workshop for 9461 male and female teachers in Kabul, Bamiyan, Herat and Daikundi provinces. And In light of the above programs, World Vision will build 14 pre-school learning centers in Ghor, Herat and Badghis in which 420 mothers will learn the techniques of taking care of their infants and toddlers properly based on the latest methods of caring and brining up healthy children in the society.