Fire Engulfs Baraki Barak’s Darul Hefaz

Rockets that were fired by the oppositions caused a huge fire in the Barki Barak’s Darul Hefaz (Center for Memorization of the Holy Qura’n) on Wednesday the 27th of July 2016.
The fire engulfed many classrooms and burnt a large number of books, religious texts, teaching materials, equipment and furniture. Fortunately, there were no teachers and students in the area when rockets hit the above-mentioned Darul Hefaz.
Calling the attack as an appalling act, The Ministry of Education in a press release pointed out that madrasas and schools are cradle of gaining knowledge and places of decorating ones heart and mind with the pearls of oneness of Allah, therefore, schools and institutions of learning should not be the target of vandalism and terror attack. The ministry of education also called on the security forces to identify the culprits and bring the perpetrators to justice.