Minister of Education meets with the French Ambassador to Kabul

H.E. Dr. Assadullah Hanif Balkhi, Minister of Education met with Mr. François Richier, ambassador of France to Kabul and talked about the future of France’s  cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan.
During his meeting with H. E. Dr. Hanif Balkhy, Mr. Richier emphasized on the continuation of France’s support and assistance to the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan. He said that brining prosperity and positive changes in the education sector of Afghanistan was one of the main goals of the French government in light of which model schools will be built in some provinces of the country. 
The French Ambassador to Kabul also pointed out that his government will help the ministry of education of Afghanistan in its capacity building and other development programs, especially in Estiqlal and Malalai High Schools.
Expressing his gratitude and appreciation of the aids provided by Paris to the education sector of Afghanistan, Dr. Hanif Balkhi promised that under his leadership, the ministry of education would extend the hands of cooperation towards all friendly countries that assist the Afghan government in updating the education system in Afghanistan.