Call for Applications

UNESCO Office in Kabul in partnership with the Office of the First Lady of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Office of Second Vice President and the Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy, hereby call for applications for the Bibi Gul Youth and Adult Literacy Contest for Afghanistan 2018. The theme for this year's edition is ‘Literacy for Social Change and Sustainable Development’. Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to apply as stated below.

The main purpose of Bibi Gul Youth and Adult Literacy Contest for Afghanistan is to recognize those individuals, organizations and institutions that have contributed significantly to the enhancement of literacy in Afghanistan. This contest aims at promoting adult learning and education towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4(SDG 4): ensuring that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy.
Who is eligible?
The applicants should demonstrate, with evidence, their contribution to youth and adult literacy work through within the following specified categories:
• The quality of teaching and learning 
• The relevance of program with the needs of individual and social needs of literacy learner 
• Effectiveness 
• Innovation 
• Sustainability 
• Inclusion of different social groups especially women 
• Using information technology
• Volunteerism for the enhancement of literacy
Who is not eligible? 
• Winners/awardees of the Bibi Gul Literacy Contest for Afghanistan in 2016 are not eligible.
Application format
Submissions should include the following: 
• A detailed background about the applying organization in the areas of adult or youth literacy.
• A detailed description of the methods used and the outcomes for affected communities. 
• If there are any publications or supporting documents, they may be submitted as annexes. 
• A summary specifying how the results of the applicant’s work are relevant to the objectives of the contest.
Awards for winners
1. First prize : 2000 USD with an appreciation letter 
2. Second prize: 1500 USD with an appreciation letter
3. Third prize: 1000 USD with an appreciation letter
How to apply
Concept notes, application form in English, Dari and Pashto may be downloaded online from the UNESCO Kabul website at:
You can also use the Application Guideline Dari from website of the Afghanistan National Commission for UNESCO at:
Website of the Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy at:
Acbar website;
Completed applications and copies with supporting materials should be emailed to, have size file should be submitted directly the Secretariat of the Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy in Kabul or any of the Provincial Literacy Department Offices. 
Deadline for submission: 27 February, 2018