Contact list of the ministry of education

The following contacts information has been placed in this website to give you full support in case of any difficulties.

In case of any question regarding the content of the website or any information regarding the ministry of education, please contact Mr. Abdul Jabar Ariyaee, Chief of Staff & Sr. Advisor.

In case of any technical difficulties with the website please contact Mr. Ahmad Shah, the ICT Director or Mr. Shamshad Ayobi, the administrator of this website.


1     Abdul Jabar Ariyaee

Chief of Staff & Sr. Advisor  
Phone: 0093(0)790 90 73 38

2     Ahmad Shah

Director of Information and Communication Technology 
Phone: 0093(0)789 160 314
Email: -

6     Shamshad Ayobi

Website Administrator
Phone: 0702222341