Konkor’s exam top ranking student appreciated during a ceremony in Kabul University

Wed, Sep 13 2023 1:17 PM

In the ceremony that was held on the occasion of encouraging and praising Kankor elites in 1402 at Kabul University, Maulawi Sebghatullah Waseel the MoE’s resources & administration participated with some Head of MoE.
The cermony started with the recitation of holy Quran verses, and the MoE’s resources and administration congratulating to Kankor exam top ranking student.
He added: "We have committed to working for the progress of our country, therefore we have the responsibility to encourage the outstanding students of schools and provide the necessary facilities by using all our resources. because if we want the progress of our country, then we must pay attention to all the sciences that we are now engaged in providing educational services for students.”
MoE’s resources & administration deputy Referring to the Holy Jihad of the Afghan nation, admitted that; The proud history of Afghanistan is evident, whenever our freedom and independence are in danger and the time of sacrifice has arrived, then the students of the Quran and Madrasa are at the forefront of defending our religious and national values .
Then, on behalf of the Kankor’s elites Hafez Mahmoud, who get first position in Kankor ecam, expressed his happiness and gratitude from officials, despite all the busyness of their duties, held encouragement ceremony for them and praised them.
At the end of the ceremony, the Kankor exam top ranking students appreciated by offering gift by authorities of Kabul University.
It is worth mentioning that Hafez Mahmoud get the first position, Abbas get second position and Abdul Baees get the third positon in this year's kankor examination.

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