The process of distributing textbooks for schools in tropical provinces began

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His Excellency Dr.  Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi, acting minister of education, said at a ceremony on the occasion of the opening of the book distribution for tropical regions in the central warehouses departments of the Ministry of Education, “Book is one of the key elements of education and the Ministry of Education is working to resolve the shortage of textbooks in decades of education support. Balkhi, added that the 49.2 million volumes of books currently being prepared will be published and available to students, by the end of this year.”

Balkhi also said that 12.2 million copies of these books will be published in the Afghan printing presses. He hoped that the day would come when all texted needed for the ministry will be published by Afghan printing firms. 

The acting minister also emphasized on the urgent release of textbooks said our policy is not to keep textbooks in the warehouses; they must reach students after being printed.

Ministry of Education has distributed 1.1 million textbooks for schools in cool provinces and now this process will be implemented in Kandahar, Nimroz, Laghman, Kunar, Uruzgan, Nuristan, Helmand, and Farah provinces.


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