Ph.D. Mirwais Balkhi emphasized the role of the Ministry of Education in national cohesion and unity

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The head of the Ministry of Education visited all the exhibitions during the ceremony to introduce the exhibition (culture and customs of 34 provinces of Afghanistan), which was launched at Rabia Balkhi High School.

Balkhi said: In the Year of education, we are looking to create a standard education based on a quality education program

Dr. Balkhi said that a major part of our curriculum should be devoted to the introduction of national values in Afghanistan also Reaching a good and developed society is essential for strengthening the sense of patriotism and creating a single nation.

The head of the Ministry of Education added: "The most important institution that can create national cohesion and unity in the current and future generations of the country is the Ministry of Education.

According to Dr. Balkhi, the best way for each student to be aware of the culture and traditions of other provinces is to hold such exhibitions by themselves.

The head of the Ministry of Education said: "We hope that the plan to hold a culture exhibition of 34 provinces in other provinces will also be implemented.

It is worth mentioning that in this program students of Kabul Provincial Schools in the form of specialized culture and customs of 34 provinces were presented in a separate and allegorical form.


تازه ترین اخبار

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خبرهای کوتاه از فعالیت های معارف در ولایات

مولوی زلگی فیضانی  آمرمعارف مرکز ولایت بلخ با هیئت همراه به متوسطه خواجه عکاشا رفته جریان امتحان و سایر امور این مکتب را بررسی کرد و غرض بهبود سیستم آموزشی به مسئولان، استادان و. . .

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چند خبر کوتاه از فعالیت های معارف مرکز و ولایات

شرکت های سلطان‌زاده و احمدجان با حضور مولوی عبدالجلیل شهیدخیل رئیس معارف ولایت بلخ، 250 مترمربع فرش ،12 پایه بخاری برقی 3 تخته سولر معه یی لوازم مورد نیازآن را به مسئولین. . .

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بخشی از کارکردهای معارف ولایت

ورکشاپ آموزشی سه روزه تحت عنوان " بسیج سازی منابع برای انکشاف مکاتب" از سوی موسسه پاملرنه برای مدیران, آمران و اعضای شورا های مکاتب در ولسوالی های حصه اول, دوم و مرکز ولایت. . .

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