15,000 volumes of English language textbook were donated to the Afghan Ministry of Education by VOA Radio and Television.

سه‌شنبه ۱۳۹۷/۷/۳ - ۱۷:۵

Mohammad Ibrahim Shinwari, a Deputy of General Education at the Ministry of Education's said: Studying is an important indicator of the progress of societies, and for this purpose, it is essential to promote reading between students.

He added: "Given the advances in technology and communication, learning English as a communication tool in today's Afghan society is important.

Shinwari says the books are being sent to all provinces and used in school libraries.

Akbar Ayazi, director of Central Asia and South Asia's radio and television department said: The Voice of America radio broadcasts in 47 languages all over the world for 75 years and has been broadcast in Afghanistan for 40 years. 

Mr. HAI DOW responsible for training the English language department of the Voice of America said: The donation of 15,000 volumes of English language textbook is the best reason to work with the Ministry of Education in the future

At the end of the program, a package of these books was given to the Ministry of Education as an example, and it was emphasized that the process of transferring the book has already begun.


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شنبه ۱۳۹۷/۱۱/۲۷ - ۱۴:۳۲
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