Afghanistan: EQRA Education Project

World Bank News Release: Grant Summary

WASHINGTON, September 28, 2018 - The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved the following project:

EQRA (Education) Project

IDA Grant: US$100 million

ARTF Grant: US$100 million

GPE Grant: US$98 million

Project ID: P159378

Project Description: The project aims to increase equitable access to primary and secondary education, particularly for girls, in selected lagging provinces, and to improve learning conditions in Afghanistan.



Number of Positions: 35


Interview Result-  Planning, Monitoring, & Reporting Officer-Takhar      
No Name Position Department Selected If you have complaints regarding Interveiw for this position. Please register your complaints from 18 Nov 2019 till 19 Nov 2019 to the below emails. No Complaints will be accepted after 19 Nov 2019. info@moe.gov.af;complaints.hr@moe.gov.af
1 Abdul Mudasir Sediqi Senior Planning & Reporting Specialist DM Literacy Yes
2 Amruddin Senior Planning & Reporting Specialist DM Literacy No
3 Mohammad Naweed Senior Planning & Reporting Specialist DM Literacy No