Research collaboration with undergraduate and graduate (Masters and PHDs) students


Directorate of Academic Council Secretary (DACS) in order to analyze, develop and refine educational policies, intends to use all the research capacities available in the country, especially monographs and research papers or dissertations of undergraduate, graduate (masters) including PHD students in Afghanistan and abroad. In this regard, the DACS of ministry of education is ready to cooperate with those students who are interested to study - for their monographs - the subjects that in the realm of the research priorities of the Ministry of Education. Therefore, the interested students can refer to the following addresses to determine the titles of their monographs and their research papers.

Address:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Road, across Dawoodzai Trade Center, Golbahar Center, 8th floor, Directorate of the Academic Council

Contact information:

  • Contacts Number: 0744125290 - 0771944041
  • Email: