Consultancy Services for the assignment (Enhancement & Integration of MoE/Payroll-MIS System)


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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry of Education

Education Quality Improvement Project- EQUIP II





COUNTRY:                                        Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

NAME OF PROJECT:                      Education Quality Improvement Project II (EQUIPII)

Grant No.:                                          TF093962-AF

Project ID:                                           P106259

Assignment Title:                                Enhancement & Integration of MoE/Payroll-MIS System

Date of Issuance:                                           August 3, 2016

Date of closing:                                                August 21, 2016

Reference No. :                                               PP Ref: MOE/C.S-029/94 / CA 1.9.1


The Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received financing from Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) / administered by the World Bank, towards the cost of Education support, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for above-mentioned consulting services briefly illustrated as follows:



Once the data cross checking activity is completed by internal capacity of MoE/EMIS, in order to import/transfer the whole data set into a new structured database system, there is a need to develop a complete integrated information system having three modules (i.e. schools, Thashkeel and Payroll) through a third party. In the new system each department will have access to their related module and will be responsible for their data entry and administration. Once this system is developed, it should be installed in each Provincial Education Directorate (PED) for data entry, cleaning and reporting. Central staff would be responsible for data verification, validation, analysis and reporting.

This assignment should not only allow importing of the integrated data into the new system, but shall also support restructuring of the database systems using same technology and development platform (ASP.Net with MVC is recommended without losing any of current data from the three systems), as well as enhancement of new features/functionalities as requested, and a consolidated reporting system at all levels.



In the assessment phase, a business process study will be conducted about the Human Resources, payroll and EMIS processes and workflow on the ministry level. At the completion of this stage, the Business Process Mapping (BPM) will be delivered. Apart from this, current functional systems in MoE that are going to be integrated with the proposed systems will be studied. And a methodology will be prepared in the form of an inception report, which will be used to implement and integrate the concerned systems with this system. This system will also come up with a recommendation to enhance missing functionalities and integrate them as part of the project.

the proposed system (Integrated-Payroll system) should be a distributed web enabled information system having federated architecture. Its central schema should be installed in MoE data center, and local sub-schemas should be installed in all PED EMIS units and central schema should be accessible to all concerned MoE departments. Updated copies of data should be transferred through mutual replication process between all servers; end users (i.e. authorized users) should have access on privilege bases to required information at national, provincial, district, and school levels. A federated architecture will need a reliable internet connection having enough bandwidth; installation of provincial connectivity through E1 intranet connection is under progress by MoE/ICT directorate.

Project Deliverables


This project encompasses the following major deliverables:

1.      Assessment and Inception Report

2.      Development/redesign of Thashkeel module, Payroll module and Reporting module

3.      Data integration and migration of Thashkeel and Payroll into EMIS database

4.      Testing and Deployment

5.      Documentation and training of the newly integrated systems

Upon successful completion of project, all source code, and utilized software libraries, along with the technical documents developed during the project, shall be handed over to MoE/EMIS department. Details for each module are listed as follows:


·         Integration and redesign of existing Thashkeel and Payroll application

·         Data integration and migration of Thashkeel and Payroll into EMIS database

·         Development of reporting module for Tashkil and Payroll

·         Deployment, testing, documentation and training for the newly integrated systems

Timeframe for Expected Deliverables

The project is expected to be completed over a period of 5 months including maintenance starting from project kick off date. The indicative timelines for these activities, in number of months, is as shown in the table in TOR. It is very important that project is completed within the proposed time in order to meet the deadline that was given to MoE by the President’s Office.  

For more information, please download a copy of Terms of Reference from

The Ministry of Education now invites eligible consulting firms to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants shall provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services.







The short-listing criteria are:


o   Organization's Technical and Financial capacity to fulfill the assignment.

o   Specific Experience of the firm relevant to the assignment. (provide list of previous assignments in the specific field with brief scope of work, monetary value, country of assignment and duration etc)

o   Organizational Staffing Structure (General and specific to the assignment)


A consultant will be selected under Consultant's Qualification Selection (CQS) method as defined in World Bank procurement guidelines for selection and employment of consultants January, 2011 as revised on July 01, 2014.



Any further information required, can be obtained at the address below from Saturday to Wednesday during office hours, [i.e. 0900 to 1400 hours].


Expressions of Interest must be delivered in written form to the address below (in person, or by E-mail) on or before August 21, 2016, 14:00 hrs. (Kabul Local Time).


Attn: Feraidoon Satari, (Acting Procurement Director)

Address: 3rd Floor, Procurement Department, Ministry of Education

                    Mohammad Jan Khan Watt, Deh Afghanan

                    Kabul, Afghanistan

Tel. No.: (+93) 700282980 or (+93) 787325628

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